Nous restons à votre écoute pour sarisfaire vos besoins: demande d'information, réparation, création

    In the heart of Measure and art of time :

    – Guaranteed and certified stones
    We travel the globe in search of the rarest, most vibrant and most brilliant gemstones.
    Each one of them is scrupulously examined by our gemologists to ensure that it meets our criteria of excellence.

    – Gold 750/1000:
    Mesure et art du temps is committed to offering you the most precious and beautiful gold available.
    All our creations are made in our workshops with gold 750 thousandths, allowing the jewelry to cross the ages without ever losing its luster.
    Each of our pieces is stamped with an Eagle head hallmark guaranteeing the titling of the 750 thousandth gold.

    – Made to measure
    Mesure et art du temps puts its know-how at the service of your requirements and accompanies you in the creation of your custom-made piece. For you, we go in search of the gemstone of your dreams, taking into account your criteria, to offer you a personalized jewel of an exceptional quality, and which resembles you.

    – Repair and maintenance
    In jewelry, we can provide you with services such as setting, emery, polishing and rhodium plating to preserve your jewels over time. The setting of size, the reinforcement of body and the reshaping are repairs that we also propose you.
    In watchmaking, the refurbishment of the movement, the polishing of the case and the bracelet, and a check of the waterproofness are carried out in our workshop. We also propose you the revision of your clock: with the restoration of the movement, change of the stoppers, change of the suspension.

    – Gold recycling
    We also transform your old jewels to give them a second wind and a new identity.
    Damaged or “old”, we reuse these noble materials to create new ones and in the air of time